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вендор: ORACLE
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What you will learn

This course will be applicable for customers who have implemented Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12 or Oracle E-Business Suite 12.1. This class focuses on the features, functions and benefits of the Oracle Inventory application. Students will learn how to set up items, how to use the various inventory controls available, how to do transactions, transfers, and inventory moves, inventory replenishment, cycle counting and physical inventory. Students will also learn where Inventory fits in the overall enterprise structure.

This course reflects the logical flow of the processes involved in inventory management. For example, this course covers defining items, receiving items, issuing items, and replenishing items in the same order. The exercises in this course provide hands-on experience on using Oracle Inventory to perform many of the processing and inquiry transactions such as receiving, moving, replenishing inventory items, and generating count tags for physical inventories. The hands-on exercises also help you understand how to use mobile devices to perform transactions such as cycle counting and inventory replenishment. Set up organizations that correspond to your business units in Oracle Applications Perform inventory replenishment Define inventory items for Oracle Supply Chain Applications Perform ABC classification and cycle count Perform inventory transactions Use mobile devices to perform inventory transactions Additionally, in this course, students will learn how to use Oracle Bills of Material to define different types of bills of material to accommodate various business models and scenarios. Students will also learn how to use Oracle Engineering to create and implement engineering change orders. Students will learn how to set up, implement, and use bill of material and engineering information. Students will practice creating bills of material, routings, and engineering change orders. They will also learn how to copy and transfer engineering information to manufacturing.

Upon completion of this course, students will be prepared to use Oracle Bills of Material and Oracle Engineering. Create bills of material Create routings Create and implement engineering change orders

Learn To:

  • Implement locator, revision, serial, and lot control for items, and perform transactions for such items
  • Set up shipping networks between inventory organizations and understand the significance of direct shipment and in transit shipment up
  • Create an ABC ranking of items to be used in cycle counting and potentially in determining safety stock levels
  • Calculate lead times
  • Revise, mass update, and delete bill of material and routing information
  • Set up engineering information

    Related Training

    Required Prerequisites
  • R12.x Oracle E-Business Suite Essentials for Implementers

  • Цель курса:

  • Create engineering change orders
  • Create routings
  • Define and maintain a cycle count
  • Define items in Oracle Inventory
  • Implement engineering change orders
  • Set up item, bill of material, and routing information
  • Understand performing inventory transactions using a mobile device
  • Understand the overall inventory process in Oracle Inventory
  • Understand the planning and replenishment methods available in Oracle Inventory including min-max planning,
  • reorder-point planning, replenishment counting, and Kanban replenishment
  • Understand the role of an item-master organization
  • Understand the structure of an inventory organization in Oracle Inventory

  • Аудитория курса:

  • Functional Implementer